A downloadable game for Windows

EXIT is a thrilling hunt through a surreal room complex, where hunter and runner defy the laws of physics through inter-spacial doors.

Choose between two roles. Do you want to be the tactical runner, trying to escape? Or the fast hunter, chasing and trying to catch him? Whoever you choose, a thrilling experience awaits you. Your gravity and perception of the level changes behind every door, allowing you to walk on walls or ceilings. Jump from wall to wall as the hunter or outsmart him as runner with your duplicates.


EXIT is a network multiplayer game for two players. To play it, EXIT needs to be installed on two PCs sharing the same network (preferably Ethernet).

Keyboard & MouseGamepadAction
WASDLeft JoystickMove
MouseRight JoystickLook Around
Left Mouse ButtonRight Trigger Use Special Ability
MStartOpen Ingame Menu


The Runner's goal is to collect the letters E, X, I and T and escape through the glowing EXIT door.  The Hunter's goal is to find the runner and stay within his proximity for 10 seconds.

Special Abilities:

The Runner's special ability is to create a duplicate by pressing the trigger and teleport back to this duplicate whenever he wants. The hunter can destroy his duplicates and prevent the runner from teleporting when he is too close. 

The Hunter's special ability is the teleport: Look at any point in the room, even walls or ceiling, press the right trigger and the hunter will teleport to that location, even changing his gravitational plane.


Klara Wardetzki - Game Design, Level Design, Programming
Ruben Brockhaus - Game Design, Art
Timo Falcke - Game Design, Programming

Prof. Thomas Bremer
Prof. Susanne Brandhorst
Sven Gorholt

HTW Berlin  Game Design 3rd semester student project
Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 - 2nd place in German national finals


EXIT_Installer.msi 315 MB

Install instructions

  • Start the EXIT.msi installer to install EXIT on two Windows PCs which share the same network (preferably Ethernet)
  • Let one player host a game as runner
  • Join the session as the second player as the hunter

Goal: Collect the letters E, X, I and T and escape through the glowing EXIT door