A downloadable game for Windows

Defend your planet against incoming aliens! Can you survive until the alien king appears?


  • Use your mouse to move, shoot with left mouse button or space bar (be carful: shooting costs resources)
  • Use A, S, D to activate your skills - they cost resources, which are displayed in the center of the planet
  • Zoom with the mouse wheel
  • Restart with backspace
  • Resources are 1) generated by the planet, 2) gained from alien bullets hitting the planet, 3) gained from shooting ufos within the inner orbit
  • Turrets shoot projectiles without spending resources, but they are destroyed once they're hit by an alien projectile
  • Shields defend everything below them against alien attacks. They're destroyed after 10 hits.
  • Upgrade increases projectile damage, shooting frequency or projectile speed for the player and the turrets.

I developed this game using the Processing library in eclipse, during my first semester studying Game Design at HTW Berlin.

One of the few games I made music for ;)


Lone PlanetInvaders.jar 21 MB

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