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Loopworld was developed during the Global VR Hackathon 2018 in Shanghai. Competing against six other VR projects made by international teams, Loopworld won the first price!


Loopworld is a  top-down VR puzzle game with a twist. The player's goal is to bring the little jogger figure to its trainer by moving wooden toy blocks to form a path. Every time the jogger falls, the whole level gets reset and the jogger respawns at the start - but the toys remember how they were moved by the player and repeat their movement! This way, more and more blocks are moving at once and the player can watch the path build itself, improve their precision and continue building the path.

Loopworld was developed for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality VR Headsets.


Luca Langenberg - Environment Art, Character Art, Lighting
Timo Falcke - Programming, Character Animation
Zwi Zausch - Environment Art, Character Art, Sound Design


Loopworld.zip 195 MB

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