• draw path by dragging lines out of the moon or branch off existing paths
  • connect stars to gather their light - each star can be connected by one or more paths, depending on its size
  • if the star runs out of light, it will only produce a small amount of light and can be turned into black holes or red poison stars
  • black holes are enemies and will drain light from stars or the moon
  • connect white transformator stars to switch from white paths (to gather light) to red paths (to form red stars)
  • defeat black holes by turning stars in their range into red poison stars - drained light from those stars will damage the black holes
  • your goal is to reach all of the master black holes at the border of the level and defeat them
  • press mouse wheel to pause the game
  • LMB = left mouse button

Lunarium was developed as a second semester project studying Game Design at the HTW Berlin. 


Maximilian Haas - Game Design, Art
Morten Newe - Game Design, Programming
Olya Trinova - Game Design, Art
Timo Falcke - Game Design, Programming


Prof. Susanne Brandhorst
Prof. Thomas Bremer

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