Harvest Root Vegetables in the correct order to gather points!


In the upper right corner, you can see which vegetable should be harvested next.

Hover over the vegetables to get information about their placement rules.

Click on the bushes to harvest the right vegetable and collect points!


Global Game Jam 2023 Entry with the Theme: Roots

Luca Langenberg - Art
Timo Falcke - Programming


20230205_HiddenHarvest_08.zip 48 MB


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fun :)

I felt the connection when I got the 15x potato, 1x onion level right

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Ok so after figuring out Harvest root vegetables in the correct order to gather points the game made a hella lot more sense xD.

I dunno, I read that as a tag line or something.

First I thought you have to place them so I was confused that sometimes the next image was not the vegetable I placed. Funny thing is, the thought process is actually quite similar. I skimmed through the tiles to check which one could be a valid tile and clicked those. Only difference being that constructing them ofc has an immediate loose condition similiar to Minesweeper (in which I suck btw.). Doing it the way you did you avoided a finite end but I feel like some sort of end would be nice especially since sometimes a new generated(?) field feels easier than a previous one.

But I like :) Neat little game. Oh and I like those faces. It’d be fun if they make face whenever you guessed them wrong or something. xD